what is goosync?


GooSync is a server based synchronisation service that allows you to synchronise almost any mobile device over-the-air with your Google Calendar, tasks and contacts.

Supported Devices

GooSync works on any device that is SyncML compliant which includes the latest Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones. It also works on Windows Pocket PC, Windows SmartPhone, Palm OS, Treo, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone by installing a SyncML client. You can view a full list of supported devices here.

How does it work?

GooSync uses an open standard called SyncML (Synchronisation Markup Language) designed for platform-independent information synchronisation. This allows you to synchronise your calendar, contacts, tasks between your mobile device and GooSync in both directions. You can synchronise your mobile device to GooSync over-the-air using GPRS or via Wi-fi.

Sync Diagram

How secure is GooSync?

At GooSync we’re committed to making your GooSync experience as safe as possible. We protect your personal information using industry standards with your data encrypted and securely stored.

GooSync synchronises your calendar appointments from your Google Calendar. GooSync uses Google's AuthSub authentication to access your Google Calendar service without ever handling your Google account's login information.

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Getting Started

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